The South Western Ontario Regional Wado Karate-Do was founded in 1984 in Waterford, Ontario by Shihan Sensei Lawrence Blakemore. We teach a style of Karate-Do called "Wado". Wado is, literally, "Way of Peace", while Karate-Do is "Way of the Empty Hand". We also teach a short staff martial art called Shindo Hanbo, and Jujitsu.
SWOR operates under the Martial Arts Promotional & Development Association. Both organizations are loyal to the teachings of Shintani Sensei and Ohtsuka Sensei. We strive to develop ourselves and others under three tenets: Respect for all people, Humility in one's self, and Sincerity in our development.

It is without a doubt that Karate is the greatest elevation of achievement and Wado is the pinnacle of that elevation.

Shihan Sensei Lawrence Blakemore

Wado-Ryu – Hachidan

Hanbo No Shindo – Rokudan


Violent action may be understood as the way of the martial arts, but the true meaning of the martial arts is to seek and attain the way of peace and harmony.

Hironori Otsuka Sensei, Sai Ko Shihan

Founder of Wado-Ryu Karate-Do


Wado, way to harmony and peace, the finest quality of the human race, a total goal to peace on Earth. We the Wado students of Karate must be the leaders of unity and happiness throughout the universe, and guide our students to an ultimate human alliance with understanding.

Shihan Masaru Shintani, 9 Dan, Wado-Ryu. Wado Kai. SWKKF

Founder of Hanbo No Shindo